We are a two-physician practice specializing in nephrology. Read more about our practice and philosophy below.

Our Practice

Nephrology Associates of Montgomery County is a two-physician practice specializing in nephrology, a branch of medicine that addresses the function and diseases of the kidney.  We are an internal medicine practice, which means that we do not do any surgery.  All of our work is cognitive; we apply our expertise to help diagnose and manage all forms of kidney disease, both acute and chronic.  Thus, our area of practice includes internal medicine with an emphasis on kidney diseases.

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For New Patients

Many of our new patients are referred to us by other physicians.  We are happy that you will be coming to see us and hope that we can make your transition as smooth and comfortable as possible.  The following is some general practice information that should be helpful in understanding how our practice works and what we do:

Our doctors have privileges at Holy Cross Hospital, Shady Grove Hospital, Medstar Montgomery Medical Center and Suburban Hospital.  We make rounds in these hospitals every day, seeing our patients and doing consults on new patients as we are called.  In addition, we see our dialysis patients every week in outpatient dialysis units all around the county, including the Holy Cross Hospital outpatient unit, all Davita units in Montgomery County, most FMC units in Montgomery County, and the US RenalCare unit in Rockville.

Our Philosophy

Coping with medical illness can be a burdensome, sometimes frightening experience for patients. We aim to minimize the intrusion of kidney disease in our patients’ lives, allowing them to continue to grow and thrive personally and professionally.

Many diseases of the kidney can be cured and for those that can’t, there are treatments that can help slow the process down and delay the onset of end stage kidney disease.

If, however, total loss of kidney function seems inevitable, we are prepared to make the necessary referrals for kidney transplant.  Fortunately, there are many options for kidney transplants today, making this modality available for more of our chronic kidney disease patients.  For those patients not able to transition immediately to transplant, we do everything possible to ease the transition into dialysis.  Often times, information is all that is needed to make this possible.

We pride ourselves on making our patients well informed of their disease and their treatments so that they can be an integral part of their medical care.  We strive to be available for our patients as they need us because we believe they should not have to live with uncertainty when it involves their health.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today at 301-231-7111.

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